Tips for buying and selling a used RV on ClassifiedsEU

Hitting the open road in an RV can be a wonderful way to explore the world and create lasting memories, but before you go, you need to find the right vehicle for the journey. Alternatively, if you’re ready to give road trips a break for a while, it may be a good idea to sell your used RV instead of leaving it in your driveway as, without regular care, RVs can quickly fall into disrepair.

Buying An RV

Research Your Ideal RV

Do your research to find out what kind of vehicle will best suit your expectations. When browsing, keep in mind that the condition of the vehicle and its size and are particularly important aspects to consider. If you’re traveling with other people, especially with children, the best RV for you will be one that is large enough for everyone to have their own space. If you’re planning on visiting especially cold or hot areas, be realistic with how much time you may end up spending in your RV, as more space will be very welcome if the weather keeps you inside.

For longer trips, you may want a larger RV like a motorhome or travel trailer with creature comforts such as a fridge, shower, and bathroom, whereas if you’re planning on doing overnight trips to campgrounds with amenities, you may be able to opt for a less expensive RV such as a small camper trailer or truck camper with fewer features. Set your budget and research prices in your area to see what you can afford and what you can expect to pay.

Find Your RV

Once you know what you’re looking for in an RV, looking online on ClassifiedsEU will make it simple to do a precise search for exactly what you want. Use price filters to help you stay on budget and search by specific keywords to sort through results efficiently. Try searching by type of RV—such as motorhome, travel trailer, camper van—as well as by brand name if there’s a specific make or model that is an ideal match for you.

When You Find a Potential RV

Make an appointment to view potential RVs as soon as you can once you’ve found them as good deals can go fast. Once you’re there, make sure to inspect the RV as you want to be sure your motorhome is reliable when you’re off exploring. The most important aspect to inspect is the engine as mechanical problems can cost you the most to fix. Check under the hood and look for any physical damage or cracked or frayed belts. Ask for records of maintenance to ensure that it’s been well cared for. Inspect the condition of the tires and ask about their age as RV tires usually need to be replaced every five years. If you’re not knowledgeable about engines, consider having a mechanic check for any issues and do a brake inspection.

Also check the exterior of the RV to ensure that the siding is not damaged or lifted up indicating physical or water damage. Inside, check the overall condition as well as the roof, looking for any staining that might indicate a roof leak. If the RV has features such as a fridge or air conditioning, test them to be sure they work.

Selling Your RV

Fix Mechanical Problems

Before listing your RV for sale, first evaluate any issues it may have. If there are any mechanical problems with your RV, do your best to repair them before selling. You’ll be able to ask for a better price if everything is running correctly, and thus make your money back from doing the repairs. If there is an issue that you are not able to fix, be sure to disclose that with potential buyers and take it into account when pricing your camper. Check the tires and replace them if you can. You may be able to find new or lightly used tires on ClassifiedsEU to keep the cost down.

Clean the RV

A clean RV is always easier to sell than a dirty one, as not only is it then ready to go for the new owner, but also shows that it has been well cared for. Wash any dirt and road grime off the outside and undercarriage. Vacuum and dust the inside and leave the windows open for a day to air it out (check the weather first to make sure it won’t get soaked in rain!). Gather any maintenance records together in case interested buyers ask for them, and be sure all of your paperwork is organized and ready for a sale.

Research Pricing

Take the time to look for similar RVs for sale in order to decide on a competitive price. Search through various filters on ClassifeidsEU to make it simple to find other comparable models in a few clicks.

Online is often the first place interested buyers will look, since it’s so convenient. Posting an ad on ClassifeidsEU instantly puts your RV in front of interested buyers. Create a post indicating the model of the RV, its brand, and any other important selling features—such as how many people it sleeps or its low mileage—in the title. Add clear, high-quality pictures of its exterior, interior and engine so buyers can check these at a glance. In the description of your ad, clearly describe your RV with an introductory paragraph before outlining all major features in point form below to make it simple for buyers to quickly absorb everything they need to know.

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