10 things you should never do in a job interview

It is perfectly normal and necessary to experience some tension before putting ourselves in front of the interviewer. In this way, we managed to focus our tension and attention on giving adequate answers and having ideal behavior to get the job.

There are many doubts that assault us when facing a job interview. How to answer when I ask difficult questions? Will I know how to introduce my concerns regarding the salary? What if the interview ends in other language?

Whether consciously or unconsciously, do not let any of this ruin your selection process. Take note and apply it.

Arriving late to the job interview

It may seem obvious and you can believe that you will not happen to you, but anyone can be fitted in a jam or suffer the delay of a train. Therefore, that day is vital to make sure to arrive with time, then climb quietly five minutes before the time set to the interview.

Do not care for hygiene and presence

Do not go to an interview without having taken a shower before. It is not necessary to smell of a thousand loves or throwing half a bottle of perfume. It is really enough to go clean and dressed discreetly, without stridency and incorrect.

Interrupt the interviewer

Let the interviewer lead and take the rhythm of the interview. It is logical and natural that you want to ask you questions, but in no case you must interrupt you, show objections or make appreciations before you have granted your word shift.

Lying about your training or experiences

It is a key commandment, in life and in a job interview. Of course. Lying about your training, experiences or skills can bring you serious consequences, such as losing your job or seeing your personal and professional reputation.

Neglect the vocabulary

You are not in a bar, or in a cafeteria. Nor are you surrounded among friends. It is convenient to know how to place and act formally, using a neutral and most correct vocabulary.

Not having prepared the job interview

Do not present the interview without having investigated the company, or be clear about the characteristics of the vacancy offered. It may seem obvious, but it is convenient to remember all the information we have included in the CV. That let’s doubt will doubt the interviewer.

Eat gum or candies

Are you chewing a mint gum to have fresh breath during the interview? Don’t forget to throw it in the trash before entering. Do not eat candy or sweets during your conversation with the recruiter. Only if this/A offers water or coffee and you want, go ahead.

Talk badly about your previous company

If you talk badly about your previous company, who can convince your new company that you will not do the same anywhere else? Transform your negative experiences into opportunities to improve, but do not return to the past to take stock of the negative. I could tarnish your future experience. It will be good to be positive!

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