Discover 5 different types of motorcycle lock

Motorcycles are undoubtedly one of the best inventions in terms of mobility. They’re nimble, cheap, and let’s face it: we all look great on one.

However, the risk of it being stolen is very high. This is why Homecenter brings a guide for you to learn how to choose the best motorcycle lock and the different types that exist in the market. Keep it safe always!

Safety rope for motorcycle

Motorcyclists and cyclists have several points in common. One of those is security mechanisms. This is why if you also like the bike, you will be familiar with the guayas.

These elements are nothing more than a chain covered with a waterproof plastic, added to a security system guided by a key. It is ideal to immobilize a motorcycle tire and prevent it from being easily taken away.

Although they contribute to security, this type of motorcycle lock is not the safest on the market, which is why it is necessary to add it to other security strategies to keep it always protected.

U-lock for motorcycle

Like the first type of motorcycle lock that we review in this list, U-locks or also known as shackle locks are elements that work quite well to protect motorcycles and even bicycles.

It works in a very similar way to guaya, but with a plus. This is that its shape allows the bike to be secured to another surface external to the bike, such as a fence or floor anchor.

The best recommendation is to purchase the largest possible shackle lock, as this way you can have more distance to anchor the motorcycle to another fixed element. Also make sure the main material is special hardened steel, it is of great strength and comfort.

Motorcycle lock with alarm

This is without a doubt one of the most popular motorcycle locks on the market due to its effectiveness, manufacturing materials and comfort in its use.

Disc locks work, as their name says, by placing them on the disc brake located on the rear tire of the motorcycle, preventing it from moving.

There are even disc locks with an alarm included, which is activated at the moment the motorcycle is moved in some way. In addition, this type of lock is ideal for traveling by motorcycle. Do you dare to try it?

Motorcycle handlebar lock

When you begin to learn about the different types of motorcycle locks, you will realize that there is one for each vulnerable part of the motorcycle, or that it can simply be a way for it to be stolen.

This is the case of accelerated locks, which are an infallible tool so that thieves cannot take your motorcycle. The only alternative they would have would be to shoot it, which would be very visible.

Accelerator locks are great, but just like guayas, by themselves they don’t represent a great security barrier against theft, so equipping it with another mechanism should be something to take into account.

Switch anti-theft insurance for motorcycle

You must have one thing clear: if a thief wants to steal your motorcycle and has the necessary time, he is going to do it. And one of the best known mechanisms is through the alteration of the motorcycle’s starter switch.

But don’t worry, to avoid this there is a type of special motorcycle lock called a switch lock, which consists of blocking the entry of the key or any device.

Remember that the more security mechanisms you apply to your bike, the more protected it will be. Follow these recommendations, get the motorcycle lock that best suits you and keep it safe with Homecenter!

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